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Unmanned Wireless (Wi-Fi) Security Radar Motion Detector

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Receive detection information in real time anywhere and anytime with Wi-Fi connection.

No risk of privacy infringement, illegal image taking, or voice phishing due to hacking of CCTV and IR cameras.

No degradation of sensing ability from changes in the surrounding environment, light conditions, or temperature.

Receive detection information in real time anywhere and anytime with Wi-Fi connection through a dedicated application (free), enhanced usability through sound and vibration control, multiple access, real time detection, detection distance control, information history check, push notification, detection time zone designation, and overall management.

Powerful radar sensor is unaffected by weather or surrounding environment, and penetrates objects to detect even hidden intruders.

  • Supplied with the latest high-performance radar sensor.
  • Objects can be penetrated.
  • No privacy violations.
  • Safe (Uses government-approved radio waves that are harmless to the human body.)
  • Optional external battery.
  • Free apps dedicated to smartphones
  • Multiple detectors, multiple access
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Push notification
  • Detection time designation
  • 5-step adjustable sensing distance
  • Log record management
  • Sound and vibration control

Main Applications

Prevents house break-ins, sexual assault and harassment, robbery and other crimes (Home Security)

Detects people hiding and waiting in the house.

Penetrates objects and detects intruders no matter where they are hiding—dressing room, furniture, behind a curtain. (cannot penetrate metal or concrete)


Unmanned security services for stores, shops, offices, and factories.

Real-time unmanned security service offers added protection when used with existing CCTV installed.


Unmanned surveillance of hotels, studio apartments (a.k.a. “officetels”), resorts, and motels

Safely and securely monitors customers’ rooms without privacy or human rights violations. (Safe studio apartments)

Checks whether guest is in the room for convenient housekeeping and other duties without any interference.


Confirms the remaining number of persons in hazardous facilities, factories, and other security services

Eliminates blind spots so even in case of a facility fire, casualties are prevented by checking the remaining number of persons before chemical radiation.

Real-time detection prevents unauthorized access to prohibited areas and dangerous facilities.


Monitors and manages public and protected facilities

Manages entry and exit of people outside designated times for public restrooms, facilities, stations, underground roads, and waiting rooms. Checks usages of power, protects and manages facilities.


  • Prevents house break-ins and sexual assault.
  • Prevents intrusion crimes of robbery, harassment by assailants.
  • Unmanned security services for stores, shops, offices, and factories.
  • Unmanned surveillance of hotels, studio apartments (officetels), resorts, and motels.
  • Monitors hazardous facilities, identifies remaining persons, unmanned surveillance of designated areas.
  • Unmanned surveillance of areas where CCTV cannot be installed, such as public facilities or protection facilities.

Top 10 Countries import Electronic Products from Korea

Top 10 Countries import Telecommunications from Korea(Rank, Import Country, 2015, 2016)
Rank Import Country 2018 2019
Value Increasing Rate Value Increasing Rate
1 Pr.China $ 2,812,518 4.3% $ 4,033,047 43.4%
2 U.S.A $ 1,232,681 2.6% $ 2,361,433 91.6%
3 Viet Nam $ 1,112,535 -50.4% $ 1,135,992 2.1%
4 Germany $ 1,735,627 46.4% $ 1,112,540 -35.9%
5 Hong Kong $ 604,567 41.2% $ 1,006,684 66.5%
6 Philippines $ 84,505 8.4% $ 677,186 701.4%
7 India $ 897,572 27.7% $ 590,417 -34.2%
8 Singapore $ 963,343 35.0% $ 575,357 -40.3%
9 Indonesia $ 841,921 122.7% $ 305,877 -63.7%
10 Japan $ 432,597 9.9% $ 289,967 -33.0%
Total $ 15,249,813 3.8% $ 15,487,898 1.6%
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