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I’m Youngmi Toppoki

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1. Company Vision


I’m DNL is a food specialist company positioned to introduce and our vision is to

promote the taste of  traditional Korean food and culture to all over the world.


Our “Young Mi Toppoki,” one of the ambitious  products of the company, is a moderately sweet and spicy product that is perfect for children,

adults  and anyone not accustomed to a spicy taste.


Cabbage soup with scorched rice (Nurungi) is a  traditional Korean dish that you can  experience for the  feel and unique taste of Korea. 


It is a healthy home meal replacement product that every family member can enjoy with gusto!




2. Our products


Youngmi Toppokiis stored in room temperature. It uses fine powder seasoning, which is less prone to degeneration than liquid sauce.


Youngmi Toppoki uses rice cake (99% rice) so it is high in vitamin E which acts as a powerful antioxidant.


The moisture content of rice cakes is relatively high, so the texture is similar to

freshly cooked Toppoki.



No chemical capsaicin compounds are added.  

Only natural red chili pepper powder is used to make the product spicy.


The container of Youngmi Toppoki is BPA (non-phenol A, phthalate) free material,

to help consumers cook the product without worrying about endocrine-disrupting chemicals.





3. Product description & details


Youngmi Toppokiis stored in room temperature.


Product weigh 120g, 12cups in BoX, Box weight 1′.44kg, gross weight 2.24kg.


Rice cake{Rice 99%, Starch, Refined salt}, White sugar, Red pepper  powder, Salt, Maltodextrin, Onion powder, Letinula edodes powder, Ginger powder, Black pepper powder, Paprika oleoresin, Monosodium glutamate, Soy sauce powder(Soybean, Wheat)                         


1) No milk

2) Packaging has the English Ingredients already.









HALAL, HACCP Certified.



# How to cook?


You can eat it on the spot anytime, anywhere!


You can enjoy our product within 3 min without the hassle of cooking.


Just fill up with hot water and microwave for 2min ~ 2min 30sec.

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