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Eco friendly functional paint——water based paints

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Most of people desire to keep their life healthy for a long time both developed and developing countries
where have gotten solved food, clothing and shelter.
But, our precious residential space as an indicator of quality of life filled with harmful substances, and
we live there as breathing.

As used chemical building materials intensively, damages from sick house syndrome have affected the
society and disease damages have been spread due to toxicoid wide-spreading throughout house.

To reduce these damages experts have recommended that eco-friendly materials should be used instead
of chemical finishing materials, hereupon, we, Ara, developed eco-friendly functional interior finishing
materials such as tiles, paints and wallpapers from raw material for making ceramic to get rid of interior
toxicoid, be beneficial for human body, and be relieved from sick house syndrome.

Lasted relationship with Gyeongsang National University was stronger by making an agreement of
academic-industrial cooperation, and our research center will do our best with professors to promote
a pleasant residential environment where there is no harmful substances.

※ It may differ from actual colors depending on the monitor condition.

The advantages of powder type paint

■ It is available to take amount as needed and it is easy to keep remains for a long time.
 It is easy to transport. (Without keeping warmth even if in the intense cold below zero temperatures, 

    it can be transported easily.)
 Consumers can see the beneficial minerals directly prior to using.
 When add water, it becomes water based paints


This is a natural mortar which is available for spreading on wall or ceiling to
avoid any cracking as mixing 90~100%% water against the ARA which is
composed with more than 90% of fine minerals and is easy for everyone to
use with brush, roller or airless gun.dsf

There isn’t any smell of tobacco in earthen houses where ancestors lived at.
And it has good humidity control capacity so that it can be kept interior of the
house be wet and act as a role to adjust pleasant interior environment for human.
That’s what natural mineral is.

And ARA which has more excellent function than loess is white color so any color can be expressed.
Besides, it is cheap and easy to keep for a long time due to its type, powdered.
(It is available to apply on existing wallpaper, existing paint, gypsum board or cement wall. There is not any smell or
occurrence of mildew although without removing mildew.)

Consumers can see the minerals directly prior to mixing water so it may be believed its reliability.

■ It reduces fromaldehyde and various smell.

■ The radiometric quantity of far infrared ray is excellent. (92.1%)

■ It has excellent antibiotic effect.

■ It has excellent antimycotic effect.

■ Incombustible agent.

■ Relieve atopic symptoms.

■ Humidity control.

■ Construction is easy for everyone to use directly.

■ Place where is available for ARA


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