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Cold and Hot Water Purifier KSP-830HP

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Cold and Hot Water Purifier

│ Description │

Innovative ‘well-being water purifier’ without storage tank

│ Function │
Patented technology, “Sterilized water purifying system”

  1. Instant cooling and no secondary contamination without storage tank
  2. Production of sterilized water with light catalyzed ultraviolet lamp right before drinking
  3. Cold water can be dispensed infinitely and sensor type stirring water is attached
  4. Automatic dead water dispense timer installed after a certain time period of disuse
  5. Patented drinking water system that doesn’t require water boiling or steam sterilization

│ Feature │

  1. Cold water automatic supplying device
  2. Hot water temperature adjuster
  3. Energy saving timer(Daytime timer(night time off)
  4. Short circuit blocker, dead water automatic dispense timer
    (dead water automatic release timer)
  5. Safe bubbler(new model)
  6. Cup type water release cock(new model)
  7. Stirring motor control device
  8. Running water type light catalyzed ultraviolet sterilizer

Instant cooling natural air cooling large size cold and hot water purifier

Energy saving without noise and malfunction
Instant cooling natural air cooling large size water purifier
Experience KSP’s special technologies!
Natural Water & Clean System


l  Exterior size: 430(W)*360(D)*1100(H)mm

l  Facet: Cold fountain 1, cold facet 1, hot facet 1

l  Cold water capacity: Instant cooling without storage tank/infinite

l  Hot water: 3.5ℓ(10~90℃ temperature can be adjusted)

l  Filter: Complex filter/Effective water Purifying capacity 3000ℓ

Dead water automatic release timer installed/More than once a day


“Natural Water & Clean System KSP Co., LTD”
We’re an environmental friendly company that think of human and environment.

KSP, Inc.’s affiliated research center
for clean and safe water
KSP, Inc. established affiliated research center to develop better products through new technologies. We always provide better quality product and services and clean water for you to safely drink.
KSP, Inc. was recognized for its outstanding technologies and products and designated as an outstanding product by Public Procurement Office.
We provide high quality products with our own cutting edge equipment for direct production. We inspect thoroughly to eliminate defects that might have been over looked when parts are contracted out. We have specialized QC program to manage production and provide services to our customers.

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